Common Replies

As you're following up with your customers, you may realize you're typing some of the same replies over and over again. Creating and saving a common reply will help make this a less tedious process!

Using a common reply in your follow-up

Once you've typed out your message in the 'Reply' box, you'll click on the 'Save Reply' button. You'll need to name your reply and assign the reply a 'category', or create a new category.

After replies have been saved, use them with ease by clicking on the 'Insert Reply' button as you navigate to each feedback. Click on Insert Reply > category name > name of reply.

Managing your common replies

You can manage (create/edit/delete) your common replies by navigating to your account settings (avatar in the upper right of the app) and selecting Common Replies.

Creating a Common Reply

Create a common reply in the Common Replies section of the app by clicking on the '+ Add Common Reply' button.

Common replies can be put into categories if desired, but must live under at least one category. Categories can be helpful if you have multiple replies for each promoter, passive, and detractor responses, or also if multiple team members have their own set of replies.

Editing a Common Reply

Editing an existing common reply can be done in the main Common Reply settings.

  1. Visit the Common Reply page in your account settings.
  2. Click on the reply you would like to edit.
  3. Edit the name, category, or text used in the reply.
  4. Click 'Save Response'.

Deleting a Common Reply

Once you find the reply you would like to delete, you can click on the trash can icon to the right.

Common Replies