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Contact Attributes

How to upload attributes

When uploading your .csv file, all additional columns besides the email, first name, and last name will be uploaded with your contacts as attributes.

  1. This can be done by navigating to your Contact Lists section and clicking 'View Contacts' next to your list. In the upper right corner on the next page, you’ll click '+ Add Contacts'.
  1. This will take you through the file upload process. Upload your list that has the same contacts but has attributes you’ve added. The upload will match emails addresses and attach any attributes you have from your new file.

Attributes can also be attached to your contacts via the API when using the 'Survey a contact' or 'Add/update a contact' call under the 'attributes' section.

If you did not originally upload attributes to your contacts, don't worry as you can add them retroactively at a later time.

Attribute Management

With all of the attributes you've uploaded, you may decide some are no longer needed, they need a name change, or you created multiple attributes that mean the same thing and should be merged. Managing your attributes is easy and can be done by visiting the Attributes section on the left-hand side of the app.

To the right of each attribute, there is the option to rename, delete, or merge it into another attribute.


It happens often that you choose an attribute name, but come up with a different name later. Clicking the Rename option will prompt you with a form to fill in the new attribute name.


No longer want an attribute at all? Have it completely deleted. Clicking on Delete Attribute/Delete will completely remove every trace of it, and once deleted, this action cannot be undone.


Some users will upload multiple attributes that have somewhat of the same meaning. Use the Merge action to bring two attributes into one.

For example, let's say you have attributes "plan" and "plan_type", and you only meant to persist one of these two attributes. First you'll want to choose which of the two attributes you want to keep. We'll keep "plan".

Because we want to keep "plan" we will go find "plan_type" in our attribute management table. If you have a lot of attributes you might want to use the handy dandy search bar.

Once we find the attribute "plan_type", we will select Merge from our actions drop-down.

Once the merge window pops up, you will select the "plan" attribute and click the Merge button. This will merge "plan_type" into "plan".

If a contact already had a plan assigned to them, they will retain that plan. If the contact previously only had a "plan_type", they will now have a plan with the previous "plan_type" value.

Contact name
final "plan" after merge













Data Type

You have the option to let our system know what data type your attribute is. This in turn helps our system provide better accuracy in reporting and filtering.

Data Type


Text based values
Online purchase


Any numeric value

32, 245.10


True or false values

true, false, 1, 0, yes, no


Date+time values that follow ISO 8601 format


Contact Attributes