Contact List Selection

  1. Click here to create a brand new contact list if one is needed.

  2. If you have a contact list you use on a regular basis, click here to add more contacts to the list that's selected from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose to send surveys to contacts that have been newly added to your list and have not been sent a survey in your campaign before. (Will not appear when sending surveys for a campaign for the first time.)

  4. Choose to send surveys to all contacts that exist in your contact list. (Will not appear when sending surveys for a campaign for the first time.)

The number of contacts that appear next to the setting selection is the eligible number of contacts that are in your list. This number takes into account your survey throttle (if you have one in place) and will show a lower number if some of the contacts in this list have already been surveyed within your throttle limit.

For CSV campaigns

  • Creating a new contact list each time you upload a list is recommended if you're going to survey the same contacts at different points in time in the same campaign.

  • Adding and appending contacts to an existing list is recommended if you're a subscription based service and you'll only want to survey your new customers. This workflow works best for the 'Survey newly added contacts' option.

For API, Zapier, or Segment campaigns

  • You'll only need to have an empty list created to begin using your campaign. A previous upload of contacts is not needed. Click to create a new list and name it what you'd like. As you begin sending surveys using the integration, your contacts will be stored in this list.

Contact List Selection

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