Dashboard Overview

When visiting the Dashboard, the default is to show the past 30 days of data since your last piece of feedback came in.

If a different date range is chosen, all stats will update and respect the date range.

  1. Visit the Feedback View to see who's responded to your surveys.
  2. See the analysis from tags you've created for your feedback.
  3. Manage the tags you've created by renaming/merging/deleting them.
  4. Visit the Settings View for your campaign.
  5. Choose to filter your NPS score by attributes that were uploaded with contacts.
  6. Download an export of all the data that exists for your campaign since it was created.
  7. Select a specific date range to view your NPS score during that time.
  8. This will show the last contact list that was used for the campaign.
  9. View how many surveys were sent for your campaign.
  10. View the number of surveys that were successfully delivered.
  11. View the number of surveys you have have scheduled in the future (if you have none, this section will not appear.) You will have surveys scheduled if you use the Delivery Delay, Recurring surveys, or the Drip option.
  12. View the number of surveys that were not delivered successfully due to being bounced or dropped.
  13. To see which contacts bounced, you can download an export of your campaign.
  14. View the number of unsubscribed contacts.
  15. This is your NPS score for this campaign.
  1. Enter in your average revenue per customer so your short term, long term, and potential can be calculated.
  2. See the response rate for how many contacts have responded to your surveys.
  3. Discover where you fall in the range for NPS scores.
Score Analysis Category
NPS Score Range


(-100) - (-1)


0 - 49




75 - 100

  1. Keep track of how many follow-ups you've completed with contacts and how many more you have to go.
  2. We'll calculate the different types of revenue based on your average revenue per customer.
Revenue Type

Short Term Revenue at Risk

This is an approx. of your revenue likely to churn within the next 90 days as a result of detractors.

STRR = (# of detractors) x (50%) x (ARPC)

Long Term Revenue at Risk

This is an approx. or your revenue likely to churn within the next 180 days as a result of passives.

LTRR = (# of passives) x (30%) x (ARPC)

Potential New Revenue

This is an approx. of your revenue likely to increase as a result of your promoters bringing in new
customers from word of mouth.

PNR = (# of promoters) x (30%) x (ARPC)

Dashboard Overview