Can I remove the Promoter logo from the survey?

No. At this time, we don't provide the option to remove the branding or a white-label option.

Can I edit the main questions?

No. We built Promoter to adhere to Net Promoter best practices so we can deliver high levels of engagement and accurate results. If there is anything specific you want to drill-down on with an individual customer, you can do this during the follow-up process after the survey.

Keeping the question consistent also allows us to gather/share open (anonymous) benchmark data from all customers and across different industries.

Can I insert variables into the survey or follow-up?

We currently do not have the option to insert any type of variables (such as first name, last name) in the survey or follow-ups.

Can additional questions be added?

Our surveys do not allow additional questions to be added. Typically additional questions are asked during a follow-up with a customer after they have voiced their praises or concerns. This allows you to build a relationship with the client and gain additional feedback.

Even a handful (1-3) additional questions can cut your response rate in half. Plus most additional questions don't provide valuable insight into your customers. People will tell you what is truly important and driving their behavior if you let them. If you must or have a real need to ask other specific questions, hold these for a survey outside of NPS and try to send to specific customer segments who are interested or impacted by the topic at hand.

Are the surveys available for embedding or in-app?

Currently we only operate using emailed surveys and don't have them available for embedding or in-app.

Our platform is built specifically for "relationship" NPS which is measured via email outside the context of your app/service. We do this because relationship NPS scores and feedback have the strongest correlation to post-survey behavior compared to transactional types of surveys where you trigger a survey in-app or during an existing conversation. Your customer/user gets the opportunity to respond taking all of their history with your company into account and not just feedback based on what they happened to be doing when they saw the survey link.

In addition to that, you'll drive significantly higher response rates overall sending NPS directly to customer emails instead of relying on them to see and decide to click the link in one of your lifecycle emails/messages within a site. We also have built a custom email template which includes the primary NPS question directly in the email which helps us achieve response rates around 30% on average, sometimes even higher.

What counts as a survey?

Our platform qualifies a survey as any email sent out on your behalf to a customer regardless of whether or not that contact responds to the survey. A campaign is simply a dedicated set of surveys used for a specific list of contacts.

Does promoter have an API?


To get started with Promoter's API, visit our API Docs.

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