Filter by contact attributes

Filter your NPS by any of the attributes you’ve uploaded with your contacts. Find out if your NPS score is better among customers on different plans, regions, etc.

How to filter NPS by attributes

Attributes you’ve uploaded overall can be seen by visiting your Dashboard and clicking on Add in the upper left above your graph.

A pop-up will appear with a list of all your attributes.

  1. Select the attribute to filter by.
  1. Select which operator to use.

Depending on which attribute you have selected, you will be able to access the following operators:

Numeric – equal to, less than, greater than, equal to or less than, equal to or greater than
Date – on, after, before, on or after, on or before, between, not present
String – is, contains, starts with, ends with
Boolean – is true, is false

If you're not seeing the operator needed for your attribute, you may need to change the data type of the attribute.

  1. Select the attribute value you want to filter by. Click on Add once you've created your filter.



If your attribute has more than 20 unique values, the drop-down menu will be replaced with a text box and you'll need to type in the value you're looking for.

Once the filter is added, you'll see your dashboard update and the filter applied in the upper left above the graph.

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Filter by contact attributes

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