Invite Members

Invite other people to help out with NPS follow-ups, manage campaigns, and check on NPS stats.

You can invite others by visiting the Organization Members section in your main settings in the upper right of the app.

If you were not assigned the 'Organization Settings' permission, then you will not see this section.

Add a member

On the members page, you'll see yourself as a user. To invite someone into the account, click on 'Add a member'.

Enter the email of the person you'd like to invite and click Submit. An email will be sent so they can create their own login credentials.

Send a reminder invite

If they have not created their login yet, you'll see the Send reminder icon next to their name.

Sometimes they didn't see the email or forgot, but you can send them a reminder invitation by clicking on their name and choosing the 'Send reminder' button.

Remove members

To remove a member, click on their name and then 'Delete'.

Cannot Delete Owner

You cannot remove the organization Owner. Ownership must be transferred to a different member before they can be removed. Please contact to have this done.