The Keywords view of your campaign is a great analytic to use in tandem with your Trends. Keywords are created based upon what your customers are saying. Promoter takes all of the comments from your feedback and finds the most important terms they're mentioning. Based upon the scores associated to the comments, we'll generate an NPS score for each keyword.

Keywords can be accessed in the left side nav bar of your campaign once you're inside the campaign.


Keywords are only available on certain plans

If you're not able to see the 'Keywords' link in your campaign, then your subscription does not support this feature. Check out our current pricing plans to see which ones have Keywords available.


Use the filter in top right to look at different sets of Keywords: Top Keywords, Promoters, Passives, Detractors.

Top Keywords

The Top Keywords filter will show your top keywords. Based upon the scores associated with the comments, an NPS score will be generated for that keyword(s) and the total number of comments that contain that keyword(s) will be shown.


Filtering by 'Promoters' will show the percentage of promoters that mentioned that keyword(s).


Filtering by 'Passives' will show the percentage of passives that mentioned that keyword(s).


Filtering by 'Detractors' will show the percentage of detractors that mentioned that keyword(s).

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