Roles and Permissions

As you add members to your organization, you can assign roles and permissions so they have relevant access to the account. Roles can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the upper right of the app and visiting the Role Management page.

We've created a few default roles, but you can rename and customize them as needed.

Clicking on a role will show the permissions that are provisioned for that role.

Permissions Overview

Below is an overview of each permission available.

Manage Campaigns

  • Create a new campaign
  • Rename a campaign
  • Complete/End a campaign
  • Delete a campaign
  • "Send Surveys" manually in a campaign.
  • Edit campaign settings.

Manage Feedback

If 'Manage Feedback is checked:

  • Tag feedback
  • Rename tags
  • Merge tags
  • Delete tags
  • Reply to feedback
  • Note feedback
  • Forward feedback
  • Close feedback
  • Re-open feedback
  • Create a feedback
  • Save common replies

Additional Permissions:

  • Update feedback
  • Delete feedback

Manage Contacts

  • Edit contact attributes on the contact profile
  • Edit a contact subscription status

Manage Templates

  • Create a new template
  • Edit survey type (customer/employee)
  • Edit the language
  • Edit template variables
  • Send test emails
  • Edit Thank You page
  • Rename a template
  • Delete a template

Manage Attributes

  • Rename attributes
  • Merge attributes
  • Delete attributes

Manage Contact Lists

  • Create a contact list
  • Rename a list
  • Delete a list
  • Import/add contacts
  • Remove contacts from a list

Manage Organization Settings

  • Invite new members
  • Edit existing members
  • Create new roles
  • Rename a role
  • Edit an existing role's permissions
  • Delete a Role
  • Edit account subscription
  • Edit survey throttle

Manage Segments

  • Create new segments
  • Rename segments
  • Delete segments

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Roles and Permissions

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