Saved Segments

Learn about what Segments are in Promoter and use them to analyze your NPS data faster.

Saved segments are a time-saver if you're using attribute filtering on a regular basis, and creating the same filter over and over again. Save that query as a Segment so you can quickly apply it at any time!

  • Saved Segments are only available for use on a campaign Dashboards and not other views.
  • Segments only include attribute filters and do not include date filters.
  • Segments can be used across multiple campaign Dashboards.

How to create a Segment

On your campaign's Dashboard, click to 'Add' an attribute filter and begin creating your query. Once you have your filter in place, save it by clicking on 'Save Segment'.

A pop-up will appear asking you to name the Segment.

Once the Segment is saved, it can now be found under the 'Saved' drop-down in your campaign Dashboard.

Using a saved Segment

Visit your campaign Dashboard and click on 'Saved' in the upper right.

Your saved Segments will appear in a drop-down below. Select the Segment you'd like to apply.

The filters saved within that Segment will be applied to your Dashboard.

Managing your saved Segments

All of the Segments you've created can be managed in the Segments section on the left side bar of the app.

You'll see an overview of each Segment you've created and what the filters are.

You can either delete a segment or have it renamed by clicking on the actions drop-down tab. There is currently not an 'edit' option.