Sending your first surveys

Create a campaign

Use the button in the upper right, or click on the middle of your main screen.

Choose your contact source

Click to send surveys using a CSV. You will be taken through the survey sending process.

Upload a CSV file

On the first page, you'll need to choose create a new contact list. This will have you upload a CSV file containing headers (e.g 'Email') and then map the columns accordingly. Once you're redirected back to the campaign creation flow, click 'Next'.

Your list can be renamed at any time by visiting the 'Contact Lists' section in the left-hand side of the app.

Create a survey template

On the next page, you'll be able to create a survey template by clicking on 'create a new template'. You'll be taken to the template editing page. Once done editing, you can click to return to your campaign in the bottom left.

Send options

Since we want to get our surveys out right now to test things out, select the options Instantly and Batch. Click 'Next'.

Recurring options

You'll choose for your surveys to go out one time and not recur for the future.

Additional options

In this step, it's optional to provide a forwarding email. Any feedback that comes in will be forwarded to this address.

Reminders will send a reminder survey 3/5/7 days after the initial survey if that contact has not responded. Click 'Next' when ready.

Verify your settings

On the verification page, you'll be able to review all of your settings before launching your surveys. If everything looks good click 'Send Surveys'.

The survey throttle will not need to be set at this time while sending out your first surveys, but for more info check out our Survey Throttle docs.


You just sent your first surveys! Once feedback comes in, you can check out the Dashboard and Feedback page to track your NPS and follow-up with customers.