By connecting Promoter to Slack, you'll be notified of feedback in the channel of your choosing.


Please note that there is a 15 minute delay from when feedback comes in and when it posts to your Slack channel.

Connect to Slack

  1. Visit 'Integrations' on the left side of the app.
  1. Click 'Configure' within the Slack integration box.
  1. Click to 'Add Slack Integration'.
  1. Next, you'll need to authorize your Slack account. If your team name doesn't appear like below, you may need to re-enter your Slack credentials to connect. Select the channel that you would like Promoter notifications posted to.
  1. After clicking Authorize you should receive a success message at the top of your screen and a notification email from Slack that you have successfully integrated Promoter into Slack.
  1. The Slack integration page will show which channel Promoter is posting to.

Updated 2 years ago


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