Survey Statuses

Learn about the different statuses we record when sending your surveys.

SCHEDULEDYour survey is scheduled to be delivered at a future date.

This can be due to having recurring surveys for your campaign, a delivery delay on surveys, or a set time for your campaign to send surveys.
PROCESSEDOur email service provider has received the survey and is processing it to be delivered.
DELIVEREDWhen a survey has been handed off and accepted by the receiving server, the delivered status is given.
DROPPED / BOUNCEDIf an email server cannot or will not deliver a survey, it will have a bounce or dropped status.

This is often caused by a full inbox, an outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses, etc.
UNSUBSCRIBEThis contact unsubscribed from your surveys.
CANCELEDWhen future scheduled surveys are canceled due to a contact unsubscribing or ending a campaign.
DEFERREDWhen an email cannot immediately be delivered, but it hasn’t been completely rejected.

Sometimes called a soft bounce, we will continue to try for 72 hours to deliver a deferred message.


If a survey has a delivered status, but a contact claims to have never received the survey, we unfortunately do not have further insights as to why they did not receive it.

When we receive this status, it means our email service provider successfully handed it off to the receiving server. The receiving server may have additional filters and settings in place that could block the email from being delivered into the recipient's inbox.

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Survey Statuses

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