Tag Management

With all of the tags you've created, you may decide some are no longer needed, they need a name change, or you created multiple tags that mean the same thing and should be merged.

Managing your tags is easy and can be done by choosing the Tag Management section in the tab drop-down for your campaign on the main page, or by visiting the Tag Management section of a campaign.

The Tag Management page will display how many tags you have, and the number of tags that exist for each sentiment. To see the feedback that has a certain tag, click on 'View Feedback' for that tag.


It happens often that you choose a tag name, but come up with a better tag name later. Choosing 'Rename' will prompt you with a form to fill in the new tag name.


Misspell a previous tag and it's still in the drop-down menu? No longer want a tag at all? Have it completely deleted. Choosing the 'Delete' option will completely remove every trace of it, and once deleted, this action cannot be undone.


Some users will make multiple tags that have somewhat of the same meaning. Use the merge action to bring two tags into one. Choosing the 'Merge' option will prompt you to choose which other tag you want it merged into.

For example here, all tags named "Easy" will now be merged into (re-labeled as) "Ease of use".

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Tag Management

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