Thank You Pages

Customize the Thank You page that appears once a contact submits a comment. These pages can be customized for each template you've created. Just like the email template, anything with dashed-lines underneath are editable.

This is the default 'Thank You' message your contacts will see if no edits are made.

These pages can be accessed on the left-hand side of the screen when you're editing a template, or by visiting the Templates section and choosing 'Thank You Page' for the template's options in the drop-down.

Choose whether you'd like to have the same message shown for everyone who fills out the survey...

...or create a unique message for each Promoter, Passive, or Detractor.

Along with your message you can insert "an optional link", but is not required.

Provide a link if you want your customers to visit a review site, sign up for a time on your calendar, get a special coupon, etc.

Click on the red lettering to get started. You'll provide the text that will appear on the page in 'Link Text' and insert the URL in the 'Link URL' portion. Click the check mark once done.

Updated 2 years ago

Thank You Pages

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