Trend Analysis

Learn even more about the feedback you've assigned tags to by visiting the Trend Analysis page. Discover these insights by choosing 'Trend Analysis' in the tab drop-down for your campaign on the Campaigns page, or choose the Trend Analysis section on the left-hand side when already viewing data for your campaign.


My Trend Analysis page is empty!

If your Trend Analysis page is empty, you need to start tagging some feedback! Once tags are created, you'll see your trends appear. Visit the Creating and applying tags page to learn how.

Graph Descriptions

  1. NPS by Trend - This takes the scores from all of the feedback the tag is assigned to and shows the NPS for that trend.
  2. Average Score by Trend - See the average score a feedback has with this associated tag.
  3. Top Positive Trends - See the trends that have the most positive sentiments behind them.
  4. Top Neutral Trends - See the trends that have the most neutral sentiments behind them.
  5. Top Negative Trends - See the trends that have the most negative sentiments behind them.
  6. Trends - A quick overview of all trends and the number of each sentiment given in a horizontal bar form.
  7. Trends Radar - View how one trend is doing in comparison to all other trends that were created.
  8. Date Picker - Use the date-range picker to view trend data for certain points in time.
  9. Attribute Filter- Filter your trends based upon attributes you've uploaded for your contacts.

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Trend Analysis

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