Uploading contacts by CSV

To begin sending surveys, you'll need contacts for them to go to! There are two different ways to create a list and upload contacts:

  • You can find the option to create a new list in the campaign creation process. In the Contacts step, you'll click create a new contact list above the list menu.
  • Visit the Contact Lists section in the top nav bar and click to Create New List on the right-hand side.

Once you name your list, choose the csv file to upload and click Import on the lower right to proceed. Before choosing a file, be sure to check these requirements:

  • Only CSV (.csv) files are accepted
  • File name must be less than 50 characters
  • Include a header row (such as Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.) for each column


We'll automatically clean duplicate email addresses from the file.

Next, you'll be taken into the mapping process to let us know which columns are which. Only an email column is required, but if you have the names of your contacts available map those too by dragging and dropping the columns into the corresponding dashed-box.

Additional columns besides email, first name, and last name will be automatically uploaded as contact attributes. Click 'Map' after you've dragged your columns. Once your list finishes importing, you'll receive a confirmation email.

If you have a single column that includes first and last names, you can map this column to the 'First Name' box.

If the contact names are mapped, they will appear in the feedback once they come in. If no names are mapped, the feedback will only display the contact's email.

Uploading contacts by CSV