Contact profile

Every response from your customers is persisted inside of Promoter, and you can quickly reference the individual customer by viewing their profile. This allows you to get a complete snapshot of customer health for a specific individual and how they're trending (which can tip you off to upcoming churn for example.)

In the contact profile, you have the ability to:

  • View which campaigns they provided feedback for
  • View/edit their attributes
  • Update their subscription status to Active or Inactive
  • Track their NPS score over time

How to access a contact's profile

Their profile can be accessed three different ways:

  • Visiting the Contacts section and clicking on 'view profile' next to their email.
  • Click on the contact’s email in a list.
  • Navigating to a contact’s feedback in the Feedback View of a campaign and click Contact Profile on the right.

Updated 10 months ago

Contact profile

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