After you sign up for Zapier, click on ‘Make a Zap!’ at the top of the page.

1. Search for Promoter as your Trigger App and select Feedback Submitted or Updated.

2. Connect or choose your Promoter account. Your API key can be found in your main account settings in the top right of the your Promoter account.

3. The next step will give you an option to choose a specific campaign to have data sent from. If left blank, all data from all campaigns can be sent to Intercom. Again, this is optional if you only want Intercom updated with data from a specific campaign.

4. Click to have Zapier test your connection to Promoter and grab some sample data to be used in the rest of the process. Note: You will need to have some feedback already exist in your Promoter account for Zapier to fetch this data. Continue once the test shows as successful.

5. Search for Intercom as your action app and choose "Create/Update User".

6. Connect or choose your Intercom account.

7. Next, you’ll use the plus boxes to the right to insert variables/fields from Promoter so Zapier can connect the contact email from Promoter with the email in Intercom. You'll be able to send over the NPS scores and comments by adding custom attributes and inserting the corresponding variables.

8. Continue with the rest of the steps to test your zap. Be sure to go to your attribute drop-down menu in Intercom to check off these new NPS attributes in order to be visible.

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