This setup is great if your team prefers to handle all customer contact within Intercom. You'll be able to create incoming message from the feedback coming into Promoter.

1. For your trigger app, search for "Promoter" and select the trigger to be when "Feedback Submitted or Updated".

2. Connect or choose your existing Promoter account

3. The next step will give you an option to choose a specific campaign to have feedback sent from. If left blank, all feedback from all campaigns will create a message in Intercom. Again, this is optional if you only want messages created from a specific campaign.

4. Search for "Intercom" as your action app and choose the action of "New Incoming Message".

5. Connect or add your Intercom account.

6. Next, you’ll edit the message that will appear and start your conversation with the user. Use the plus boxes to the right to insert variables/fields from Promoter. Inserting the score and feedback message is recommended so as you start the conversation, there is reference to what was mentioned in the survey. We have an example below, but you can edit it however you’d like. Just note that the user will see this message as well, since it’s made to look like it’s coming from them :)

7. Continue with the rest of the steps to finish your zap!

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