The quickest way to start using the Promoter API is by setting up your campaign in the Promoter app, and then using the API to send surveys.

Setting up your campaign

1. Visit your Promoter account and create a campaign. You'll need to send at least one survey manually to activate a campaign.

2. Visit the Integrations section of your account and click 'Configure' for the API.

3. In the lower portion, click 'Configure' and select your campaign from the list given.

4. Several send options will be available to choose from.

Delivery Delay - Surveys are scheduled and sent instantly to our email client when they're triggered, but they will not be delivered to your contact until X amount of days later. This is optional of course, but can help if you're trying to set up a transactional workflow. This is a perfect setting for when users sign up for your service or purchase a product, and you don't want them to receive a survey until 7-30 days later after their trial period ends or they've had time to receive their product.

Time of send - Choose if you want your surveys scheduled to go out at the time the survey was triggered (Send Immediately) or at a specific time (Schedule to send later)

  • Choose a delivery delay of 0 and "send immediately" to have surveys sent immediately upon being triggered.

Reminders - We'll make sure anyone who hasn't responded to your survey in 3/5/7 days since they received their initial survey, will receive a reminder survey. Reminder surveys will only be sent once.

Recurring Surveys - Set if you'd like your contacts to receive more than one survey after their initial survey.

5. Click 'Save' when done.

You'll now see that API settings have been configured for your campaign and the campaignID is displayed for easy reference. Click on the cog icon to edit the API settings at any time.

Implementing the API to send surveys

As you decide where to implement the Promoter API in your code base, you'll want to think about your ideal workflow:

"When this happens in our system, I want a Promoter survey sent to this contact."

Did they make a purchase? Did they subscribe to your service? Are they a brand new user? Deciding on this will help you determine when it's best to be triggered. The section within the API docs you'll need to focus on is the /survey endpoint.

You can pass in as many attributes as you’d like along with your contact when sending a survey. These can be useful when filtering your NPS on the campaign dashboard. The minimum requirements for surveying a contact are the contact’s email and the campaign id you're surveying them from.

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