Been wanting to send a survey to those who are new subscribers in your Mailchimp list? Or maybe you want to send a survey to a customer 14 days after they made a purchase in Stripe. We'll be using Intercom as the example in this tutorial, but you can choose any other app you'd like as a trigger in Zapier. Campaign Setup

  1. Choose for your campaign to be a Zapier campaign.

  2. Create an email template to your liking.

  3. Choose a contact list for the campaign.This contact list doesn't need to have any contacts previously added. As you survey contacts, this is where they'll be added and stored. You can click to create a new list and name it 'Zapier List' if you'd like.

  4. Distribution set to 'Instant'.

  5. Reminder duration of your choosing.

  6. Forwarding email if you'd like.

  7. Delivery delay of X days.

    The Delivery Delay – If a delivery delay is in place, your surveys will not be delivered to your contacts until X amount of days later. This is optional of course, but can help if you're trying to set up a transactional workflow. This is a perfect setting for when users sign up for your service or purchase a product, and you don't want them to receive a survey until 7-30 days later after their trial period ends or they've had time to receive their product.With no delivery delay (0 days), a survey will be sent immediately upon being triggered.

  8. Set a survey throttle.

    A throttle is recommended if the Zapier action triggering surveys can be triggered by a contact multiple times within a short time-frame. The throttle ensures your contacts are not over-surveyed.

When your campaign settings are ready, click Activate Campaign. 

Activating the campaign simply gets the campaign ready to receive Zapier triggers. Your campaign will show as Ready until a survey is delivered to a contact, and then switch to the Active status.

Zapier Setup


1. Visit Zapier and create an account.

2. Click to “Make a Zap!”

3. Search for the “Trigger” app that you would like to trigger surveys with.

4. Then choose the action you would like surveys triggered upon. Every application will have its own set of triggers that are supported.

5. The next step will require you to connect your account with that application. Each application will have directions on how to authenticate.

6. Zapier will grab data from your Trigger app to be used as an example in the rest of the zap setup.

7. If you need to filter down further for your trigger and apply conditionals, click the plus sign ‘+’ on the left and choose Filter.

8. Next, search for Promoter as your “Action” app and select to “Survey a Contact”. 

9. The next step will have you add your Promoter account and authenticate. You’ll need to add your API from Promoter. This can be found in your Promoter account in the upper-right menu under “API”. Add your API key and click to continue.

10. Select your Promoter account and continue.

11. Next, you’ll choose the campaign you’re sending surveys from, what the email field is in the opposite app so Promoter knows the email of the contact, and any additional info about your contacts you’d like to pass into Promoter. Click on the drop down menus to access your field choices for each section. Click Continue when you’re finished.

12. The next section will pull data from both apps according to the types of fields you specified in the previous step. Please note! If you decide to "test” the zap, it will send a survey to the email shown. I would advise to ‘Skip Test & Continue’ unless you’re okay with sending a survey to the address shown.

13. You’re all set! Name your zap and turn it on.

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