Filtering segments allows you to filter your NPS by any of the attributes/extra columns you’ve uploaded with your contacts. Find out if your NPS score is better among customers on different plans, regions, etc.

How to filter NPS by attribute segments

Attributes you’ve uploaded overall can be seen by visiting your Dashboard and clicking on Filter Segments.

Note that attributes that have more than 100 values associated to them will not be available as a choice to filter by.

How to upload attributes

When uploading your .csv file, all additional columns besides the email, first name, and last name will be uploaded with your contacts as attributes.

If you did not originally upload attributes to your contacts, no worries, as you can add them after if needed.

  1. This can be done by navigating to your contact lists section and clicking View Contacts under the list name. In the upper right corner you’ll click +Add contacts to list.

  2. This will take you through the file upload process. Upload your list that has the same contacts but has attributes you’ve added. The upload will match emails addresses and attach any attributes you have from your new file.

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