You can use webhooks to integrate Promoter with external systems. Since the hooks are event driven and push-based, you don't need to poll Promoter, asking "Has anything happened?" As soon as something happens, we'll let you know. You can configure and test webhooks using the Webhooks settings page in your account.

Supported Webhooks

General Promoter Accounts

Webhooks and their response bodies

  • feedback.added_or_changed - Feedback was created or changed.

  • feedback.tags_added_or_changed - Feedback had a Tag added/updated/removed

  • feedback.status_changed - Status of a feedback changed

  • feedback.removed - Feedback was removed

  • metric.score_changed - NPS score changed for a given campaign

  • contact.unsubscribed - Contact unsubscribed

  • tag.merged - Tag was merged in a campaign via Tag Management

  • tag.removed - Tag was deleted from a campaign via Tag Management

  • tag.renamed - Tag was renamed from a campaign via Tag Management

eCommerce Promoter Accounts

Webhooks and their response bodies

  • survey.response_added_or_changed - a new response has come in or has been updated

  • survey.response_removed - response was removed/deleted

  • contact.unsubscribed - contact unsubscribed

Setting Up a Webhook

  1. Navigate to the Intergrations section in Promoter.

  2. Click 'Configure' under Webhooks.

  3. Click + Create Webhook at the top of the page.

  4. Choose the event you want to listen for (for example, feedback is added).

  5. Add your webhook URL under Target URL.

  6. Choose the campaign to connect the webhook to.

  7. Click Create.

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