1. Make an announcement

Since you would have recurring customers, a tactic we've recommend to users is that you notify your customers that these surveys will be going out. Letting them know you're wanting to hear from them and are working on your product based off their feedback can be a wonderful precedence to set before the surveys even go out.

2. Time of day

Sometimes the time of day the surveys were sent can affect response rates. We've noticed that there can be a greater chance of catching your customers by sending surveys in the late morning. This doesn't apply to everyone, and you may know a better time of when your customers would be in the inboxes.

3. Current engagement

The response rate also depends on how engaged you are with your customers overall (e.g. Do you email them regularly, like marketing emails and such, or is this survey the only time you reach out to them). Some users may find they have a low response rate because they already email them too frequently and their customers may overlook the surveys as well.

4. Send reminders

We encourage the use of reminders as this always help boost response rates for those that may have overlooked your previous email.

5. Verify your domain

A great help can be verifying your domain in your Deliverability Settings. This helps your emails look more reputable and can help with some spam issues.

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