Create a campaign

Use the button in the upper right, or click on the middle of your main screen.

Customize Your Survey Template

Using the elements to the right, you'll be able to choose your language, upload your logo, and add in a customized intro message, etc.

Customize the Thank You Template

Once a contact submits a comment for the survey, they'll be taken to a Thank You page with your logo displayed at the top. You'll be able to include:

  • A header (Initial message)

  • A paragraph (Additional messaging) *optional*

  • A web link *optional*

You can also create custom messages based on the scores your contacts provide. If you choose to have a '**Unique message based on score**', more options will appear where you can create a message for each score type.

Add Contacts

You need contacts in order to send surveys! You can either type in the emails manually or import a CSV file with all of your contacts.

  • When uploading a .csv file, the minimum requirements is an email column with an 'Email' header. Any other columns in the file will be uploaded as contact attributes. Each column in the file must have a header in the first row.

Verify Contacts

On the next step, you'll be able to verify the contacts and/or attributes that will be uploaded.

Survey Scheduling Options

Choose different options:

  • Decided when reminders are sent

  • How often surveys should be sent for these contacts

  • When they should be sent

  • And if they should be sent all at once or distributed over time

Once you've chosen your settings, click on Launch Surveys.

A verification message will appear with an overview of the selections you made. Verify the information and click Launch Surveys when ready!

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