1. Reminders

We'll make sure anyone who hasn't responded to your survey in 3/5/7 days since they received their initial survey, will receive a reminder survey. Reminder surveys will only be sent once.

Reminders do not respect 'Only on weekdays' if set in option 3.

We've seen that there has been an increase in people responding to their emails on the weekend so we don't restrict reminders to only business days. So if they check their inbox over the weekend, there's potential to have the survey at the forefront of their inbox.

2. Recurring

Set if you'd like your contacts to receive more than one survey after their initial survey every 30/60/90/180/365 days automatically.

3. Time of send

Choose if you want your surveys scheduled to go out immediately or at a specific time (*Schedule to send later*).

4. Dripping surveys

Have all of your surveys sent at once, or spread out your surveys over a period of time to make NPS a daily practice. You can choose to have your surveys evenly dripped over 30, 90, or 180 days. Only a segment of surveys are sent out each day. This will provide better insights over time for your team and streamline the follow-up process if you have a large list of contacts to survey.

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