To follow-up to your customer's feedback, you'll visit the Feedback section of your campaign. Once on this page, you'll click on the customer's feedback in the list on the left, and then the 'Reply' tab below.

After creating your follow-up message, click 'Send Reply'!

Cc / Bcc your replies

Once you have your reply ready, you can choose to have your message cc'd and/or bcc'd. Enter in as many emails as you'd like for each.

The follow-up email

The email you log into Promoter with is the one that will be shown to a recipient when you do a follow-up from within the app.

The subject your recipient will see is “In response to your recent feedback about < brand, service or company entered on template >”. The subject line will be translated if a different language was chosen for the surveys.

The body will include the score and comment the recipient gave so the recipient has context to your follow-up message.

  • Any further conversation that you have with your contact will be carried out in your own email. Currently, Promoter can only send the initial reply from the app, but the conversation will continue in your personal email.


Enter an email address to have the feedback data forwarded to someone. Choose to only forward, or forward and close the feedback at the same time. Click on the cog icon and then select the 'Forward' option.

Closing and Opening

Sometimes communication about a customer's feedback is handled outside of Promoter or does not require further action. You can click the cog icon and then click 'Close' so others know that it's been taken care of.

If you need to re-open a feedback that has been closed, click on 'Open' after clicking on the cog icon.

  • You cannot re-open a feedback that has been replied to since that is the final action you can take on a feedback.

Add a note

Leave an internal note on a feedback for you or others on your team to reference.

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