The Contacts view within your account will show a record of every contact that has been imported to your account. Click on 'view profile' to see the profile for a contact.

From this view, you can:

  • Search for a specific contact by email

  • Filter to see which contacts are Active / Inactive / Unsubscribed

  • Export contact emails after using the filter

  • Import / Update contacts

  • Unsubscribe contacts in bulk

Why are unsubscribed contacts shown as 'Inactive'?

When a contact has unsubscribed, they will be put in a permanent 'inactive' state and cannot be changed back to 'Active'.

Exporting Contacts

Promoter provides the ability to export contact emails from your account. Just click on 'Export' on the Contact view!

The export option will respect any of the filters applied. Apply the filter of your choosing, and then click on 'Export'.

Updating Contacts

Use the import function on the Contact view to upload a CSV file of your contacts and latest contact data, or paste emails manually.

Through the import, we'll import any new contacts, and update existing contacts with the latest data in your file.

  • Note that contact attribute data can only be imported/updated by uploading a csv file.

Unsubscribe Contacts in Bulk

While on the Contacts view of your account, you can choose to unsubscribe contacts in bulk.

Upload a CSV file that contains the contact emails you want unsubscribed. Click on the checkbox if you would like a report emailed to you stating which emails were successfully unsubscribed.

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