Available Languages

Promoter currently supports over 40 languages. These languages are identified in our system by using the ISO 639-1 code for the language.

Assigning language preferences to contacts

You can use our `survey_language` special attribute to update the language preference of your contacts and translate your survey on a per-contact basis. When uploading a file, create a column named survey_language, and insert the language code for each contact.

This attribute is case-sensitive and must match the exact format.

This attribute does not have to be uploaded with the contact every time, just once. The language preference is saved to the contact's profile and will only change if an update is made.

Language preferences can also be updated manually on the Contact Profile.

  • Note that this attribute will not appear for contacts by default. Only if the `survey_language` attribute was uploaded for them via CSV file or an integration.

This option is also available via our API by passing in 'survey_language' as a contact attribute.

If a contact does not have a language preference assigned, they will receive a survey in the chosen language of the template. You can check the current language of the template by visiting the Templates section of your account.

When your contact receives a survey, the questions of the survey will be translated to their preferred language.

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