Email Options

You can customize the sender info to show as coming from a real person and someone your contacts would recognize. We strongly recommend your email to show as coming from an individual (CEO, Founder, Head of Marketing, Support, etc.). This personal touch goes a long way to ensure you receive a high response rate. No one is inclined to fill out a survey when the email address is a "".

  • Reply-To Email - Don't worry as your survey responses will not be delivered to this address. This helps to show personalization with a real email address and is in place just in case a contact replies to the email itself instead of filling out the survey.

Subject Line

Your subject should be short, concise, and highlight the company or brand. A few examples:

  • Two Important Questions From <company>

  • Have 60 seconds? Give <company> Some Feedback

  • Let <company> Know How You Feel

  • Would You Recommend <company> To A Friend or Colleague?

  • <company> Values Your Feedback


The intro message is optional but we recommend a very brief intro to set the context for the survey. You may mention how brief the survey will be, that each comment will be read, and that feedback will directly impact improvements to the business. Don't attempt to frame the question or state anything that may influence an artificial score.


  • Choose the language for the survey.

  • Select if the survey should be for customers or employees.

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