For each campaign, Promoter provides the option to export the feedback data from your campaign. Through the export you'll be provided:

  • All of your contact attributes

  • Feedback ID

  • Survey ID

  • Status of the feedback (open/closed)

  • Score

  • Feedback received date (dates are in UTC time)

  • Comment

  • Tags applied to the feedback

  • Notes

** The contact attributes displayed are the attributes that were captured at the time the feedback was submitted.

How to export feedback data

1. Visit your campaign on the main Campaigns page.

2. Click on the drop-down tab to the right of the campaign.

3. Click on 'Export Feedback'.

4. Use the date-picker to grab feedback data from a specific time-frame.

5. Use the type filter to grab feedback from just promoters/passives/detractors.

6. Click 'Download Export'.

  • If your export is blank:

    • Choose a smaller time-frame. There may be too much data for the time-frame chosen and the query is timing out.

    • No feedback was received during the time-frame chosen.

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