To ensure you don’t over-survey your customers, we’ve provided the option of survey throttling. This can be found under Survey Throttle in your account settings.

You can choose a setting of 30, 60, 90, or 180 days, and your customers will not be surveyed more than once during that time period, per survey channel. Example: If 30 days was chosen, they will receive only one survey (SMS or email) in a 30 day period.

This is a global setting and applies to all campaigns and all contacts

If you choose to have your surveys dripped, throttling will be factored in and surveys will be scheduled accordingly.

Recurring Surveys and Survey Throttle

The Survey Throttle is going to affect any 'initial' surveys being triggered. Once you survey a contact and they are on a recurring cadence (ex: every 90 days), they will continue to follow the cadence without interference of the Survey Throttle.

If you tried to trigger a new survey for that same contact via an integration or upload, the Survey Throttle is then taken into account.

We do recommend that your Survey Throttle matches the recurring cadence chosen. For example, if surveys are set to recur every 90 days, then you would want to set the Survey Throttle to 90 days as well.

Default 24 Hour Survey Throttle

Our system has a built in one day throttle so that any one contact cannot be surveyed more than once in a 24-hour period from your account, no matter which channel they're being surveyed through (email, SMS, etc.). This is to help prevent accidental sending and over-surveying your contacts.

Due to this, you may need to use variations of your email(s) while testing.


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