Contact customers by SMS if email is not the best channel for your customer base. Both email and SMS surveys can be sent in the same campaign.

How to Send SMS Surveys

When sending surveys for a brand new campaign, or an existing one, you'll be prompted to select which channel you would like to send surveys through. Select SMS.

On the contact upload step, either enter in the phone numbers manually, or upload a .csv file of phone numbers.

PHONE NUMBERS MUST HAVE A PLUS SIGN (+), AND THE COUNTRY CODE, FOLLOWED BY NUMBERS. No other characters can be included (hyphens - , parenthesis ( ) ). This applies to manually entered numbers and numbers within a file. The importer uses this format to automatically recognize which column is the phone number column. Format Example: +12103457654

Our system does require an email address for a contact record to exist, so you can still upload email addresses with your contacts if you have them. We'll update their contact record with the phone number information. Otherwise, you'll see an auto-generated email address for a contact that only has a phone number.

Ex: If +12103457654 is uploaded with no corresponding email address, their generated "email" will be on the contact profile.

Editing the SMS Template

Editing of the SMS Message can be done by visiting the template of your campaign, and clicking on the SMS tab at the top.

You're welcome to edit the language of the survey, and the brand/company name used in the question. The second follow-up question of "What is the most important reason for your score?" is standard and cannot be customized.

You can also edit the 'Thank You' message displayed after the customer provides a comment. Have a standard message for all submissions, or create unique messages based on their score.

Receiving Feedback

When you receive SMS feedback in your campaign, there will be a phone icon next to the contact information, letting you know the channel of the response. Any feedback received via SMS cannot be followed-up with and will be in a 'closed' status.

Are SMS surveys treated differently than Email surveys?

In the Promoter application, SMS and Email surveys are both seen as 'surveys' and will count equally toward your quota. No matter how you deliver your surveys, they will be treated the same. If you have a Survey Throttle set, this will still be applied to SMS surveys. There is not a separate throttle for SMS.

If a contact received an Email survey recently, and now you try to send an SMS survey, the SMS survey will not be sent if it's meeting the Survey Throttle in place.

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