• Note that this integration is only available when signing up for Promoter via your Shopify account/app store.

Use our Shopify app to trigger surveys after an order is completed! Once you walk through the steps to create your Promoter account, you'll select a campaign to use for sending surveys. When an order has completed in Shopify, Promoter will be notified and trigger a survey for the customer in the campaign. There's a couple of sending options you can choose so that the survey is not sent immediately.

Create Your Promoter Account

In the Shopify App Store, search for "Promoter.io" and click to install the app.


After you verify and authenticate, you'll be directed to your new Promoter account!

Connect Shopify to a Campaign

  • In order to trigger surveys from Shopify, you'll need to create a campaign first. To get an active campaign started, create a campaign and send a survey to yourself. You can then proceed with the following steps.

Visit the Integrations section on the left side of your account.

Click on 'Configure' in the Shopify tile.

Click on 'Add Integration' on the next screen.

Click on the plus (+) sign next to the campaign you want to trigger surveys through.

Sending options will be available on the next view. You can choose to have your survey sent days later instead of immediately after purchase. Or also choose to have your surveys sent at a specific hour. Customize the settings to your liking and click 'Save' at the bottom.

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