Use our Intercom integration to send over feedback data from Promoter to Intercom as customers respond to surveys. We'll push over the score and score category as contact attributes, and the score, category, and comment as a contact event.

  • This integration will push over new feedback data that comes in after the connection is made. It will not push over historical information.

The contact attributes will be listed as nps_score and nps_category.

The events will be listed as Promoter io feedback.

Connecting Intercom

1. To connect to Intercom account, you'll visit the Integrations page located on the left-hand side of your Promoter account.

2. Click on 'Configure' for the Intercom integration.

3. On the Intercom integration page, click on 'Connect with Intercom'.

4. Next, you'll enter in your Intercom credentials and click 'Connect'. And that's it!

You'll be redirected back to the integration page and from there, you can verify which Intercom account has been connected.

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